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Randall's Collection

These are a few items that either were or are part of Randall's extensive McGwire collection.

Also, Occaisionally Randall gets some new pieces for his collection and sells off some older ones. Please feel free to email him at to see if he has any authentic McGwire signed memorabilia for sale.

Mac signed "70" ball done in early '99.

This ball was signed on '89 by Mac, Canseco and Weiss.
They were the 3 Oakland ROY's '86, 87 & 88

This is really cool. A ball signed "To Mark - Lots of Luck- Roger Maris" I bought it from a guy named Mark who had it signed in '61. Also signed on the other side by Dale long, Maris' friend and one of 3 men to hit HR's in 8 consecutive games.

Home Run #20 from '98. A 451 foot upper deck shot, the 3rd of a 3 HR game for Mac. Also pictured is the ticket stub from the kid that caught it. There were only about 8 of us in that area. I bought the ball from him after the game. If you ever saw the video from the game, after Mac crosses the plate they zoom in where the ball landed. The next shot is me holding the ball.

Mac's rookie game used bat. A RARE Louisville Slugger. He usually uses Rawlings Big Stick, but had tried a very few LS's. Signed by Mac "Rookie of the Year '87" Bat is heavily used and has tons of tar and a chunk missing out of the back. Numerous blue ball marks from the AL baseballs.