Randall's Autograph Authentication Service

* Occaisionally I get some new pieces for my collection and sell off old ones. Feel free to email me at mcgwire25@verizon.net to see if I have any authentic McGwire signed memorabilia for sale.

For those of you interested I provide a McGwire autograph authentication service. The price for each certificate is $50 plus shipping and insurance costs. This would be $8 for a baseball or other small item and $12 for a bat. Please email me at mcgwire25@verizon.net if you need rates on multiple items, but I highly suggest not sending me a dozen balls you just bought from a dealer because chances are they are all fake. Mac does not do signings and anyone selling multiple items should be treated with extreme caution. If you do have multiple items, the best bet is to send one and see how it goes. I dont like taking someones money and telling them they bought fakes. Its like adding insult to injury. Also please remember to properly insure your item before sending it. I have had my own items stolen from shipping before and if you dont properly insure them you will be very unhappy about it.

My COA includes a picture and description of the item so there can be no switching of an authenticated item later. (Example at the bottom of this page)

I�ve been an aggressive McGwire collector since the early �90�s and have had an extensive collection of his memorabilia that includes or has included game used bats and his 20th home run ball of the 1998 record setting campaign (click here to see my full collection). I have done authentication work for several national auction houses including Ron Oser�s Auctions (Mastronet) and American Memorabilia. I am currently the �in house expert� on McGwire autographs for American Memorabilia. Check on their Website here: www.ami21.com and hit �authentication�. I also authenticated the only signed McGwire home run ball sold in the January �99 Guernsey�s Home Run Ball auction. It is one of only 3 from1998 that are known to be signed. I have also helped out countless customers online with McGwire autograph purchases. I have some of my collection displayed online at my Website www.mcgwire.com this is actually the premier McGwire web site on the Internet. I also have written several articles on this site about collecting McGwire memorabilia and spotting fake autographs. I also have articles and interviews published on �Autograph 101� Website at Autographs 101 this site is one of the best sources for autograph collectors and dealers to find out about the dirty business of forgeries! There were two articles written with my help in Sweet Spot magazine (Aug/Sept 2000 page 5 and April/May 2001 page 7). Sweet Spot is another great source dedicated to ridding the world of forgeries. Unlike SCD they will not allow known �unscrupulous� folks to advertise in their magazine. And also one by Chuck Kaufman for Sports Market report magazine (June 2001 page 14-17).

Over the years I have owned dozens of McGwire signed items and have grown very accustomed to his autograph style which has changed significantly over this time. I don't claim to be an expert on a lot of things, but rest assured when it comes to McGwire I am the most accurate in the business. If I am not 100% sure of authenticity I would not put my name on it.


Randall P Hahn

Please submit your item(s) with the proper payment ($8 extra per ball, photo or card and $12 for a bat, jersey or other large item) to:

Randall Hahn
24 Shirley Rd
Hatboro, PA 19040
United States

PLEASE! insure your items properly! I am not responsible for lost or stolen items. I have had a box arrive empty before and the person did not insure it for the full value, now he is sorry! I return your item with the proper insurance on it (market retail price) Thank you!

COA Example:

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